Staying on the best floors in a hotel lets you rest worry-free
Staying on the best floors in a hotel lets you rest worry-free – canva

When you go on holiday, you want to feel safe at all times, especially when you want to relax. Your hotel room should feel like the safest place seeing as you’re going to sleep and keep your possessions there. But not all floors in a hotel have the same level of safety. So, which are the best ones to stay in for safety and convenience?

The best floors in a hotel to stay in for safety and convenience are the second, third, and fourth floors. They are high enough in the building to avoid most burglaries but not too high in case of a fire. They are also more convenient than higher floors for entering and leaving the hotel.

In this guide, you’ll discover more about why these floors are the safest and most convenient, why the ground floor isn’t as safe as you might think, what safety features hotels have for keeping you and your possessions secure, and more. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll feel more confident when booking a great hotel room that is comfortable and safe.

Why second, third, and fourth floors are the best floors in a hotel

You’ve seen that the second, third, and fourth floors are the most convenient in a hotel because they aren’t too far from the entrance so you won’t spend too much time getting in and out. They are also the safest rooms. This can be judged by thinking of the various dangers that can appear when you’re staying in one.


The higher you go in a hotel, the less likely it is that a thief will enter your room. Most burglaries happen on the ground floor because the rooms are the easiest to reach without being seen.

Also, ground floor rooms have windows that look out onto the streets that surround the hotel. Passersby can look into your room and see if it’s worth breaking into. They can then pry the window open so they don’t even need to enter through the front door of the hotel. They can pass unseen the whole time.

Another benefit of the higher floors is that some hotels have security measures put in place so that you need to use your keycard or a code to access them. Thieves will have a tougher time getting past this system, so will be even less likely to head past the ground floor.

Note that keycard is one of the dirtiest things in your hotel room that need quick cleaning. Find out the other 9 in the top 10 dirtiest things you should not touch in a hotel room.


Although the best rooms to avoid burglaries are on the highest floors, they are not great if there is a fire. It would take a long time to get to the ground floor and out of the hotel if the fire alarm was raised. You would have to go down many flights of stairs as elevators are very dangerous in an event like a fire.

There’s also the case that you wouldn’t be able to enter the stairwell or even leave your room if the fire is right outside. When the fire department arrives, they’ll have special ladders to reach up to room windows. However, they only reach up to the fourth floor. Some might be tall enough to reach the sixth floor, but it’s best not to risk it.


When you’re traveling to another country, you don’t want to think about the possibility of there being an attack on your hotel, but it is possible. Many countries don’t have the same public safety levels as the USA or most European countries.

In the case of an attack, you’ll want to get out as quickly as possible. It might not be safe to use the stairwells and elevators, but you might have time if the attackers are in another part of the hotel. 

In the worst case scenario, you can check if you can jump from your room’s window. However, the higher the floor, the more likely it is you’ll badly hurt yourself. From the second floor, you might be lucky and not be hurt too badly. Jumps from the fourth floor and above can result in death.

So, when you take all these factors into consideration, you can see that the second, third, and fourth floors are the safest. They are less likely to be broken into, are low enough to be reached by fire department ladders, and are close enough to the ground floor that you might be able to run down the stairs for a quick exit.

Is It Safe to Stay on the Ground Floor of a Hotel?

As you’ve just seen, ground floor rooms are better for escaping in the case of a disaster. You can quickly run to the exit or even climb out through your window. However, it’s more likely that your room will be broken into. You might have your possessions stolen, or worse, be attacked by someone.

So, in some ways, it’s better to be on the ground floor, but in others it’s worse. If you want to be as close to the hotel’s exit as possible, the second floor is the best option for you.

Can You Request a Particular Floor When Booking?

If you’re booking directly through the hotel, you can make a request to be in a room on a certain floor. Not all hotels will accommodate you in this way, but it’s worth trying.

If you’re using a booking site like or Expedia, this can be more difficult. You won’t have information about where the room is located. However, you can still contact the hotel directly and mention that you’re booking through one of these sites but you want to request a room between the second and fourth floors.

Just remember that if you book last minute, you might not find rooms on booking sites due to their policy of removing that day’s availability at midnight. More about this is covered in our article how late can you book and check into a hotel.

Do Hotel Floors Have Cameras?

Many hotels have security cameras in the public parts of the building. For example, lobbies, elevators, gyms, parking areas, and more. This can include your floor’s corridor. If anyone suspicious is walking through the halls, security officers can see them on camera and go investigate.

However, not all hotels want to make this investment. It can be expensive to set up cameras in all public spaces and install a system to monitor and record the footage. If you’re worried about this kind of security measure, call the hotel you want to book and check if they have cameras. 

If you do want to book a ground floor room or that’s all they have available, ask if there are cameras around the hotel on the outside. This will make burglars less likely to break in through a window.

How Can a Woman Be Safe Alone in a Hotel?

If you’re a woman traveling alone, you should pay extra attention to these precautions. Taking a room above ground level is important. Anyone who might want to break into the hotel might see you’re staying in a ground floor room alone and think of you as an easier target.

You should also be very careful with your valuables. This applies to all travelers, but women with a lot of jewelry can be targeted more often. Leaving your possessions in plain sight is one of the main things you shouldn’t do in a hotel room. Always keep them in the hotel safe or even with you when you go out.


Now that you’ve seen which hotel floors are the best for safety and convenience, you can feel more relaxed when you book one. Making a request with the hotel is the best way to ensure you are exactly where you want to be. You’ll avoid possible break-ins and feel safer if there is a fire or other dangerous event. Once you feel secure, you can enjoy your visit to the max.

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