An example on what to wear in Morocco
An example on what to wear in Morocco – GaudiLab (depositphotos)

Planning what clothing to pack for a vacation to Morocco can be a daunting task for many woman– especially those who have never visited a Muslim country before. Morocco is a conservative country and the way women dress reflects that. Female travelers should respect this when deciding what to wear in Morocco. Knowing this beforehand is important, especially for solo female traveler who has to handle everything herself during the trip.

As a general rule of thumb, clothing women wear in Morocco should cover their shoulders, chest and knees. However, female travelers will also want their clothing to be appropriate for the often scorching hot weather of Morocco and any adventurous excursions they participate in while there. It is important to note that dressing more conservatively may help foreigners blend in more and avoid harassment.

Here’s a safe list on what to wear in Morocco:

Long Dresses & Skirts

Choose long dress with lightweight material
Choose long dress made from lightweight material – (depositphotos)

Dresses and skirts that are knee length or longer and made out of lightweight material should be a wardrobe staple for women visiting Morocco. Not only do they look fashionable and photograph well, but they are modest and keep you cool in the desert heat.

In the winter months, temperatures can drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0° C). Women traveling during these months might consider bringing leggings or tights to wear underneath their skirts. Just remember these tips if you plan to wear your leggings in a flight.

Flowy Pants

For many activities in Morocco such as sandboarding in the Sahara Desert or taking a motorcycle tour of the Atlas Mountains, pants may be a more practical option than dresses.

Morocco is generally far too hot for wearing jeans, so most women should opt for wearing long, flowy pants made of a lightweight material like linen.

T-Shirts & Tunic Tops

While tank tops are nice to wear in the heat, they are not modest enough for most occasions in Morocco. Lightweight, flowy t-shirts that can be paired with skirts and flowy pants should be packed instead.

For those hoping to be extra modest while in Morocco, tunic tops should be put at the top of the packing list. These longer tops will be appropriate to cover the bum when wearing tighter pants or skirts.

Light Jacket

It might be hot all day but bring your jacket for Moroccan evening
It might be hot all day but bring your jacket for Moroccan evening – d.travnikov (depositphotos)

After spending up to 11 hours during the day baking under the hot desert sun, travelers may begin to feel like they will never experience cold again. But as with most desert climates, when the sun drops in Morocco so does the temperature.

Female travelers to Morocco should pack a lightweight jacket to put on in the evening once the air gets a little cooler.


No, just because Morocco is a very conservative country does not mean you need to purchase a burkini– a full body swimsuit popular among Muslim woman. If you are staying at a hotel with a pool or plan on visiting one of Morocco’s beautiful beaches, you will be perfectly fine packing a one-piece swimsuit or bikini.

Avoid wearing your swimsuit when walking around in public as a respect to the community. For those looking to be extra modest while in Morocco, it may be appropriate to bring a long sleeved rash guard to wear over a regular swimsuit.


Most Moroccan women wear colorful head scarves as part of their daily outfits, but female visitors to the country are not required to do so. However, there are many street vendors all over the country that sell many varieties of beautiful scarves and you may wish to pick one up as a souvenir.

Head scarves can serve many practical purposes for female travelers beyond being a fun souvenir. Scarves can be wrapped around the face while riding camels through the desert to prevent sand from flying into the mouth. They can be used as sun protection or to cover the head and shoulders when in more conservative areas of the country.

Closed Toe Shoes

The streets of most Moroccan cities such as Fez and Marrakech tend to be quite dusty and not usually the cleanest. Because of this, it’s a good idea for female travelers to pack a pair of lightweight sneakers that will protect the feet from getting dirty.

A pair of neutral colored sneakers, such as black, brown or blue would be the best idea as they will match best with many different outfits. Travelers should stray away from light colors like white that will easily get dirty from the dust.


Sometimes in Morocco, it is simply too hot to deal with anything except open toed sandals. A sturdy pair of sandals that can withstand lots of walking around would be a good idea for female travelers to pack.

Bringing a simple pair of flip flops to wear in showers, around the beach or to the hotel pool would also be a good idea.

Sunglasses & Hat

Bring your sunglass and hat for protection against sun damage
Bring your sunglass and hat for protection against sun damage – Atahan Demir (pexels)

As Morocco can be an extremely sunny country, especially in summer months, it is important for female travelers to pack clothing staples and accessories that can double as sun protection.

A fashionable wide brimmed hat is perfect for protecting the face from sun damage through beach days, treks through the desert and visits to markets in the cities. A cute pair of sunglasses protects from the sun and also prevents any sand, dust or debris from blowing into your eyes.

Crossbody Bag

Female travelers exploring Morocco will want a fashionable and safe way to carry around their belongings with them on sightseeing excursions. A cute crossbody bag with enough room for phones, cash and hotel keys is a must pack.

Make sure that any crossbody bag you back has a sturdy zipper and can be strapped close to your body to avoid the pickpocketing that is common in tourist-heavy areas.


Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all packing list when it comes to preparing for a trip to Morocco. Female travelers should use their own best judgment when packing to bring clothes that they will feel most comfortable in while still respecting the vibrant culture of the country. For more must-have items, check out our travel essentials for women list.

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