Robert MacIntyre
Robert MacIntyre – @robert1lefty

Robert MacIntyre, a Scottish golfer, recently secured his first PGA Tour victory with his father as his caddie. MacIntyre, who relocated from Europe to Orlando for a full-time career on the PGA Tour, had been feeling homesick and lonely. After flying home to Oban for three weeks in April, MacIntyre’s perspective and attitude towards his career changed, leading to unexpected success at the PGA Championship.

Caddie Transition

MacIntyre had been on the hunt for a consistent caddie, having gone through several changes in the last two years. After missing the cut in Dallas, MacIntyre called his father, Dougie, who agreed to step in as an emergency caddie for his son’s tournament. Dougie, who typically works as a grass-cutter, flew to the United States to caddie for his son.

Unbelievable Victory

In a surprising turn of events, MacIntyre won the Canadian Open by one stroke, securing his first career Tour win. This victory has earned him a $1.692 million winner’s check, full status on the Tour for the next 2.5 years, and entry into every Signature Event for the remainder of the season. Despite these opportunities, MacIntyre is looking forward to returning home to celebrate with his family and friends.

Future Plans

Although MacIntyre is considering playing in the Memorial, he has expressed his desire to return home and enjoy himself. This unexpected victory has given him the freedom to visit his family and friends whenever he pleases. With his career back on track, MacIntyre is looking forward to balancing his professional and personal life.

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