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Pebble Beach is considered one of the best golfing destinations in the United States. However, it’s also one of the most expensive with a room costing around $1,000 a night and green fees ranging from $500 to $675. If you want to stay somewhere with courses just as amazing as Pebble Beach, but for a lower cost, these 8 below should be at the top of your list. 

1. Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Kiawah Island Resort
Kiawah Island Resort –

Kiawah Island Golf Resort is one of the best golf resorts in the world for good reason. The island, located in South Carolina, features five major courses worth playing once in your life: Ocean Course, Turtle Point, Cougar Point, Oak Point, and Osprey Point. Many of the courses offer seaside holes and stunning coastlines with challenging breezes to keep players at the top of their game. 

While Kiawah Island is still rather expensive, it’s a cheaper alternative to Pebble Beach. Lodging prices are closer to $600, though they can climb up to close to $1,000 on busy days. The green fees are also a couple of hundred dollars cheaper. If you choose to stay at the lodge, you can play on the course for as little as $300. 

Those not staying at the resort have a bit higher prices, around $400. This is still pretty good, as the fees are at least $100 cheaper than those at Pebble Beach. Depending on when you stay, you can save somewhere around $500 a day between the lodging and the green fees. 

2. Palm Springs, California

Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort, Palm Springs
Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort, Palm Springs –

Palm Springs, California is another great golfing destination that will save you money. There are plenty of courses to choose from, such as the TPC Stadium Course, Gary Player Signature Course, SilverRock, and the Pete Dye Course.

$300 is the most you can expect to pay per course when golfing in Palm Springs. Most of them are between $30 and $100 for a round of golf, while the more popular ones are $175 to $300. It’s one of the nicest places to golf in the winter, as it has moderate temperatures and most greenery is still alive. 

Lodging can be a bit on the pricy side, with hotels costing $200 on average. However, they are quite nice and right next to popular golf courses. Even the higher-end hotels and lodging options are about half the price of that in Pebble Beach.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Shadow Creek Golf, Las Vegas
Shadow Creek Golf, Las Vegas –

Las Vegas, Nevada is known for its gambling and shows. However, it’s also a great place to golf. Several well-known courses offer challenging elevation changes and course styles, TPC Las Vegas, Shadow Creek, Wynn Golf Course, Bear’s Best Las Vegas, and Arroyo Golf Club are some examples of places worth playing in the city. 

Pay attention to course prices before making plans. While many golf courses in Nevada have fairly cheap green fees, Shadow Creek is an exception. They charge over $1,000 per course during peak seasons. The Wynn Golf Course is also fairly pricy, around $650 per round.

Thankfully, most courses are much cheaper. The TPC Las Vegas course, for example, peaks out at just under $400. Many other places in Vegas are often between $100 and $200. Even if you choose one of the more expensive courses, you can save a lot of money with the hotels and resorts, which cost around $600 per person per night. 

4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Barefoot Resort & Golf, Myrtle Beach
Barefoot Resort & Golf, Myrtle Beach –

The green fees in Myrtle Beach are usually no more than $200, no matter the season or time of day. With green fees like this, it makes it easy to play several courses for the price it would cost to play one in Pebble Beach. 

The courses are good, despite their lower costs. They aren’t too easy and offer unique challenges to put your skills to the test. Dunes Golf and Beach Clube, TPC Myrtle Beach, Pine Lakes Country Club, and Heritage Club are all highly ranked, and there are many other courses to choose from. 

Lodging in Myrtle Beach is also very cheap. Not many hotels go over $200 per night, and many are around the $60 to $80 range. These hotels might not have the accommodations of top golfing resorts, but they are still quite good. 

5. Jacksonville, Florida

Bent Creek Golf, Jacksonville
Bent Creek Golf, Jacksonville –

Jacksonville, Florida is home to roughly 27 courses in a 15-mile radius of the city. It’s not as popular as Palm Beach, but there are still plenty of golf courses to try out, such as TPC Sawgrass, Cimarrone Golf Club, Bent Creek Golf Course, and Windsor Parke Golf Club. 

It’s rare to find a golf course in Jacksonville with green fees over $100. Most range anywhere from $20 to $60. The prices peak a bit higher in the cooler months, but it’s still a fraction of the cost of Pebble Beach. 

Lodging is also cheap. Even the nicest hotels rarely cost more than $200 a night. If you’re looking for a place to crash at the end of a long day of golfing, and get some free breakfasts, there are hotels ranging from $70 to $100 that are clean and nice. 

6. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Palmetto Dunes, Hilton Head Island
Palmetto Dunes, Hilton Head Island –

There are about 24 golf courses on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina that are highly rated. There are a mix of challenging and forgiving courses, depending on your skill level and if you need a warm-up.

Despite Hilton Head Island’s popularity, it’s not expensive. Most green fees cost between $80 and $200, even during peak season, and with the best courses. There are some exceptions, where the price goes up to $300, but that’s still about half the price of Pebble Beach. 

Lodging is also cheap. If you want a nicer place to stay, like a resort, prices are around $600 or $700. But if you’re willing to make some sacrifices or drive to courses, you can find hotels closer to the $200 or $300 range.

7. Pacific Grove, California

Pacific Grove, California isn’t only a gorgeous place to visit, with its stunning coasts and scenic views, but it’s a fun and cheap place to golf as well. It’s often compared to Pebble Beach, and the two are very close to one another. However, Pacific Grove has just as good of courses for just a fraction of the price. 

And they are much, much cheaper. Instead of several hundred dollars for a round of golf, you’re looking at $80 being the max at most of the courses in Pacific Grove. Lodging is also cheap, with most hotels changing around $195. 

If you still really want to play a round or two at Pebble Beach but want to be able to save as much money as possible, Pacific Grove is a great place to stay and partake in some practice rounds. Then, you’re only paying for a round or two of golf at expensive prices, and the rest is fairly low cost.

8. Scottsdale, Arizona

Verrado Golf Club, Scottsdale
Verrado Golf Club, Scottsdale –

Many of the courses in Scottsdale are professional-level, similar to what those in a PGA Tour would experience. Many of the courses are fun but challenging. They’re also well-taken care of and feature beautiful views. 

Scottsdale, Arizona is another popular place for a golf vacation. You might think, with how popular it is, that it’s as expensive, if not more so, than Pebble Beach. However, it’s a much cheaper option. The green fees are only between $150 and $300, which is over half of Pebble Beach’s fees.

The hotels and resorts are varied in price as well. Some are close to $1,000. Many more, though, are $700 or lower. Also, some standard hotels are around $100 to $200, so there are plenty of options depending on your budget and what accommodations you want.

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