How to Pack Dresses in a Suitcase
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Packing things into a suitcase can be a stressful occasion. Not only do you have to make it all fit, but you have to try and avoid wrinkling your clothes. These 9 tips will help ensure that you can fit your dresses into your suitcase while staying as wrinkle-free as possible. 

1. Lay the Dresses Flat in the Suitcase

If you have room in your suitcase, one of the easiest ways to pack a dress is to just lay it flat inside the suitcase. For smaller and shorter dresses, the easiest solution for packing them is to simply lay them flat in the suitcase. 

This method avoids wrinkles, keeps the dress visible, and also is less work for you. There are some downsides to this, however. The possibility for wrinkles is still high as other clothing and objects will rub against your dresses as your suitcase bumps around. There is also no protection from stains or tearing and laying things flat takes up a lot of space if you have a lot of dresses to pack. 

2. Fold the Dresses Along Their Seams

The first and most obvious way to pack any clothing, including dresses, into a suitcase is to fold them. Folding clothes is the fastest and easiest way to put clothing into a suitcase. However, folding has its disadvantages. 

Folding can lead to wrinkling if done incorrectly. It may also take up too much space or make it difficult to see what you have in your suitcase.

To avoid wrinkling when folding, you will want to fold your dress along the seams. Lay the dress out flat and fold it where the dress naturally lays. Once folded into a size of your choice, pack your dress away. 

There will still be some wrinkling, but a quick ironing or steam will get rid of them without a problem. Pull out your dress when you get to your destination to allow it to breathe and fluff up again. 

3. Roll the Dresses Loosely 

The next option for packing dresses into a suitcase is to roll them rather than fold them. Rolling clothing also comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Rolling can cause wrinkling and it can also be awkward to pack. 

However, rolling can make clothes easier to find and see in your suitcase. To properly roll your dress, make sure you lay it flat to begin. Then roll slowly, stretching out any wrinkling that occurs while you go. Lay your rolled dress in your suitcase and you are good to go. 

Rolling is one of the two basic methods for packing things in a suitcase along with folding. For most dresses, rolling is the better option. If you want to know if rolling or folding is better for your dress, make sure you understand the full advantages and disadvantages of each.

4. Wrap the Dresses in Bubble Wrap

Another tip for packing your dresses into a suitcase is to wrap them in bubble wrap. Dresses are not breakable like the usual items you wrap in bubble wrap. In this case, dresses are still fragile enough that bubble wrap could make the difference. 

Bubble wrap will make sure your dresses stay secure while packed in your suitcase. It helps to prevent wrinkles as well as avoid tears or stains if you have other items in your bag that could damage it. 

The best way to wrap the dress to avoid wrinkles is to keep the dress as flat as possible. Wrapping it while it is completely flat would be the best option when possible. You can also wrap the dress after gently folding or rolling it. 

There are several ways to wrap the dress and there is no one way to do it. Wrap the dress lightly to avoid wrinkling it, making sure to cover all parts of the dress. Then pack it neatly in your suitcase.

5. Use Dry Cleaning or Garment Bags

Investing in a good set of dry cleaning or garment bags is essential for anyone who travels frequently. Even if you don’t travel frequently, having them on hand is never a bad idea. 

These bags are designed to make your life easier when packing things in a suitcase or just traveling in general. There are different lengths so that you can choose one that fits your wardrobe best. No matter what size your dress is, a garment bag has you covered. 

To pack your dress into a garment bag, simply place the dress properly on a hanger. Slide the dress into the bag and smooth it out so no wrinkles form. All you have to do from there is place it into your suitcase. 

If your garment bag is longer than your suitcase, gently fold it in half. Be sure that once you arrive at your destination, you take the bag out and hang it somewhere. This lets your dress stretch out. 

6. Wrap the Dresses in Tissue Paper

The last two options, garment bags and bubble wrap, help protect your dresses from stains and tears. If you are looking for a cheaper, more short-term option, you might want to consider using tissue paper. 

While tissue paper does not protect from stains or tears as much as bubble wrap or garment bags, it does help prevent wrinkling. Wrapping each dress individually in tissue paper keeps them from rubbing against your other clothes. This then reduces the number of wrinkles you have at the end.

To wrap the dress, you may either keep it flat or fold it first. From there, gently wrap it with tissue paper, making sure no gaps are visible. Seal it all with a small strip of tape and then pack it into your suitcase.

7. Use Packing Cubes 

While there are many ways to fold or pack your dresses and other clothing, organizing can be difficult. You have to avoid wrinkles while also making sure everything has its place. You don’t want individual items to take up too much space either. 

The best solution for this is to invest in some packing cubes. These handy cubes help to divide your suitcase into manageable and visible pieces. You have the option to pack all your dresses separately in several cubes or together in one. 

Of course with packing cubes, you still have to decide how to pack the dresses into them to best reduce wrinkles, but it helps keep things in order. Check out our article if you want to know all of the travel essentials for women. It includes items to keep your suitcase organized and ways to make your travel more comfortable. 

8. Iron All of the Dresses Before Packing 

These last two tips are the final steps in your journey to pack your dresses successfully. Before you decide which way to pack your dress, make sure you take the time to iron it. 

Ironing a dress makes sure all wrinkles are out before you even pack it. Putting a suitcase in a bag will increase any wrinkles that are already on your dress. If no iron is available, a steamer or taking a hot shower with your dress in the bathroom will help to get rid of the wrinkles in your dresses. 

After your dresses are wrinkle-free, choose the best method from above to pack the outfit into your suitcase.

9. Pack the Dresses Last

The last tip for packing your dresses into your suitcase is to pack the dresses. After ironing and packaging your dresses as you see fit, you should pack the rest of your suitcase up first. 

All of the different methods listed help to prevent wrinkles, tears, or stains on your dress while in a suitcase. However, to ensure the best possible outcome for your dresses, it is better to pack them last. 

This makes sure they do not get squished at the bottom of your bag. It also helps prevent anything else in your bag from leaking on them and you can pull them out to hang up the second you unpack. 


How to Get Your Dress to Your Destination Without Packing it in a Suitcase

Packing a nice dress into your suitcase can be nerve-wracking. Anything could happen from wrinkles to tears to stains. If you want to get your dress to your location without having to place it in a suitcase, your best chance is to mail it. 

While you still have to decide how to package it, there is a lot less to worry about. You can choose safer packaging that will protect your dress from any damage that might come. You can pack it flat to avoid wrinkles and choose a mailer or box that prevents excessive movement.

How to Keep Your Dresses Smelling Clean While Traveling

The two best things to do while traveling to avoid making your clothes smell are to keep items separate and to pack things that smell good. Pack your dirty clothes and shoes into separate bags or pockets to avoid the smell from leaking over. 

You can also pack dryer sheets, essential oils, Febreeze, or any other good-smelling products into your bag to help hide any bad smells. When your dress comes out of the suitcase, it’ll smell like fresh, clean laundry instead of airplanes and stale air.

What is the Best Dress Material for Travel?

The best material for travel depends primarily on the weather. You want to pack to suit the weather of where you are going. Consider this before you think about anything else. A cute summer dress is nice, but not in the mountains in winter. 

After that, you can start looking at labels to figure out the materials best suited for packing to avoid wrinkles. The best materials will always be natural ones like wool and rayon. However, synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, or spandex are usually safe bets too.

How to pack dresses in a suitcase
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