Hotelcheck your hotel room before checkout to avoid lost item

It is a common mistake to leave things behind in a hotel room. Things can be overlooked and if the item is important, you will want to get it back. Here are some tips on what you should do if this happens as well as some answers to common questions during this process. 

What to Do After Realizing You Lost an Item

After noticing you have lost your item, time is of the essence. You must strike fast and early to make sure you get your item back intact. Here are the first steps you should take to ensure that the process goes smoothly. 

1. Contact the Hotel

The first thing you should do is contact the hotel you stayed at. You can find their contact information in one of two ways. You can look it up online or go back to the confirmation email they may have sent you when you booked your room. 

From there, call or email the hotel. Calling is more efficient and will result in a better chance of getting your lost item back. However, emailing is a good backup option that can allow you to fill in all the details you need. 

2. Explanation 

When you contact the hotel, you will have to tell them everything about your stay and the item. Explain to them what you have lost and the situation you are in. 

First, provide them with the details of your stay. Tell them your name and contact information that you provided when booking the room. This should also include the time and duration of your stay. 

A room number and any members of staff who assisted you during your stay will be helpful information as well. Any details or information you can provide can make all the difference. 

3. The Item

From there, you will describe the item you lost to the staff member you have contacted. First, describe the item itself. Be as specific as possible. Size, shape, and color are all helpful descriptions when it comes to locating whatever has been lost. 

Also consider trying to remember where in the room or hotel you may have left the item. If you remember an exact location or even the general area, it helps speed up the process of finding it. 

Follow Up to Ask About Your Lost Item

After initially contacting the hotel, you need to make sure to follow up with them consistently. Providing pressure will ensure they locate your item and that they get it back to you promptly. Here are the steps to take when following up. 

1. See If It Has Been Found

Contacting the hotel consistently until your item is found is important. The hotel may have its own lost and found department. 

They may also provide a specific staff member to contact as well after the initial conversation. Confirm your item has been located then proceed with the next steps. 

2. Get Your Item Back

Most hotels have two different options when it comes to retrieving a lost item. This includes you going to them to pick it up or them shipping it directly to you. However, some smaller hotels do not offer to ship the item, making things a little more difficult. 

Depending on the item itself, there can also be more restrictions. Certain items may be too expensive or sensitive to ship, requiring in-person pickup. 

Even if they do offer to ship it, most require you to pay for any costs that may come along with that process. Holding onto the item for an extended time can also incur fees from the hotel for storing it. Asking about these potential charges is something you should do immediately. 

How Long Will A Hotel Hold Onto My Item?

The length of time a hotel will hold onto your lost item depends on the hotel itself. Thankfully, most hotels will hold it for a long enough period that they can either contact the rightful owner or be contacted by them instead. 

The average time for most hotels is anywhere between 30 and 90 days. This is the period they will hold onto it before they are contacted about the item or have found the owner. If they find the owner and arrange a pickup or shipping date, most will hold it for as long as necessary, even if they apply fees for longer times. 

What Does The Hotel Do With Lost And Found Items?

Most hotels have a lost and found department that specifically handles these types of things. They have their procedure for sorting the items as well as trying to find the owner. The procedure they follow depends on the actual item. 

For more sensitive or expensive items, they usually lock them in a safe. For other items, they will even place them with a high-level member of staff to ensure it is in safe keeping and returned promptly. 

Are Hotels Responsible For Any Lost Items? 

No, hotels are not responsible for any lost items. They do not offer any insurance on lost items or compensation if you are at fault for losing your item. All the responsibility is placed on the guest and the guest alone. 

The only exception to this is if your item was potentially stolen rather than lost. However, this process is often long as it is difficult to prove and to hold the hotel responsible. In these cases, if you are not happy with your hotel, here are 6 steps to complain properly and hold them responsible for their actions. 

Lost Jewelry in Your Hotel Room

Claiming lost jewelry can be a bit more difficult than claiming other lost items. Jewelry is often more expensive and harder to find in a hotel room. It will often be locked in a safe and must be claimed by providing different forms of ID and proof of ownership.

What If They Cannot Find It?

Often, once items are left behind, they cannot be found for one reason or another. Additionally, if you cannot claim the item in person, they will not return it to you because of the value of these items. 

Unfortunately, many insurance policies do not cover left-behind jewelry in hotel rooms as the owner is at fault. However, some policies offer to cover lost jewelry if you take out an add-on to your policy to cover it for an extra cost before the item is lost. 

Tips To Avoid Misplacing Items In The Future

Misplacing items or leaving them behind in hotel rooms is a common mistake. Many people do this, so don’t be too hard on yourself. To avoid doing it in the future, here are some tips and tricks. 

Keep Your Items Together

Many people settle into their hotel rooms a little too much. They unpack all their things, placing them into the wardrobes, dressers, lockers, etc. This is an easy way to leave something behind. 

If you place your stuff in too many places, it is common to forget to check somewhere or overlook something. Keeping your items close at hand and in the same place prevents this.

Check List

Creating a checklist of everything you bring with you on a trip is another easy trick. As you pack, write down every item you bring with you. As you unpack you can keep track of what you put where with another list so you remember where to check. 

Then as you prepare to leave, you can consult this list. It will help you make sure nothing is left behind as long as you keep track of this list. Some people have journals specifically for traveling and their items.

Double Check

Before you leave your room, double-check everything. Check every drawer, cabinet, nook, and cranny before you leave. Even if you think you already grabbed everything, it only takes a few extra minutes to go over everything one more time. 


What Do I Do If I Still Can’t Find My Item After Checkout?

Sometimes, you may notice you lost an item before you leave the hotel. It may take some time to try and find it before you leave, resulting in you being late to checkout. In these cases, here are 10 proven tips to ask for a late hotel checkout so that you can avoid an extra charge. 

What Are The Three Types Of Lost Items?

There are three types of lost items that most lost and found departments will organize things into. These four include valuables such as jewelry and electronics, non-valuables such as clothes or makeup, and perishables such as food, and liquor.

What Happens If The Hotel Does Not Find My Item?

If the hotel still cannot find your item after taking all of the steps described above, it may be time to take more extreme measures depending on how valuable the item is. First, make sure you keep a record of all communication with the hotel and keep checking in as they look for the item. 

After a certain amount of time, a last resort could be to file a police report in the hopes it will be found if it was stolen. 

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