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Hotel stays are sometimes difficult, especially if you are traveling for a long time. Staying away from home is uncomfortable and exhausting. You want to make your stay as perfect as possible, but spending more money is often not an option. 

Thankfully, many hotels offer free special requests that many people don’t know about. Simply asking the hotel staff may unlock many new options to make your stay much more appealing. Here are some of the options to ask for without any worry about cost. 

1. Late Checkout

Late checkout is sometimes needed depending on your situation. Maybe you like to wake up late, are prone to running behind when packing, or just want to see one more thing before you head out. 

No matter the reason, getting a late checkout is helpful. To get a late checkout for free, you are going to want to plan ahead. The earlier you ask, the more likely they are to give it to you for free. 

Here’s our complete guide to negotiate late checkout with your hotel.

2. Early Check In

Check-in times at hotels can be fairly late depending on where you are staying. This sometimes causes conflict on your trip and you may not want to wait around. If you want to settle into your room and relax immediately, asking for early check-in is always an option.

Asking for an early check-in is similar to requesting a late check-out. Simply discuss the possibility with hotel staff as early in advance as possible. 

Here’s how you can get an early checkin from your hotel.

3. Slippers and Robes

Most hotels place free slippers and robes in your room before you even arrive. However, if they are not readily available for you, don’t be afraid to ask the front desk to provide them for you. Many nicer hotels have some available. 

4. Room Upgrade 

Getting room upgrades for free is more complex. After all, no hotel wants to give you something for free that you’d usually pay for. 

There are a few different ways to go about getting your free upgrade. For more in-depth tips on this option, check out our article on 9 tips to get yourself a free hotel upgrade

5. Extra Pillow

Sometimes, the number of pillows a hotel provides is simply not enough. If you want more cushioning so you can get a good night’s sleep after your journey to the hotel, don’t be afraid to ask.

To get a free extra pillow or pillows, simply call the front desk and ask if they have any available. They often either have you go down to the front desk to grab them or hotel staff will bring them to you. 

6. Extra Snacks and Drinks

Many hotels already offer complimentary snacks and drinks in your room for your enjoyment. However, you may want more. Some higher-end hotels have additional options for food and drink freebies. 

It never hurts to start by asking if it’s possible to have more snacks. Higher-end hotels often offer free wine and cheese trays during events.

7. Car Service

Free car services at hotels are tricky. Many don’t offer them for free and the ones that do are based on availability. 

To ensure you get that free car service, ask early on and reserve them as soon as possible. Of course, while the rides are free, you should always tip your drivers if you can. 

8. Bike

Many hotels have started to adapt to a bike system to be more eco-friendly as well as more cost-efficient. They lend bikes to guests and are first-come-first-serve. 

These bikes are available through the hotels themselves for free or through another company. Ask about your options for bikes and the staff will send you in the right direction. 

9. Umbrella

Packing an umbrella can be quite a hassle if you are trying to pack light. Rain or bad weather may strike at any time and having an umbrella makes all the difference. Thankfully, many hotels have free umbrellas that you can borrow during your stay to avoid the storm. 

10. Phone Chargers

It’s common to forget phone chargers or chargers for other devices when traveling. It’s a small cord often low on your priorities list when you’re scrambling to get to a destination on time.

Many hotels have free ones available to loan out for free. It’s not a sure thing, as they may not have the cord you need, unfortunately.

11. Yoga Mat

Several hotels nowadays are offering free fitness classes, including yoga classes, to guests who want to keep their workout regime intact. Packing a yoga mat, however, is not easy. Hotels that offer these classes will have free yoga mats and other tools you may need on hand that you can use for class or your personal use. 

12. Make Your Bed

During your stay at a hotel, you may find yourself tossing and turning, leaving your bed a mess. Stained sheets and unmade beds are sure to ruin a good night. Hotels offer to make your bed up for free with fresh linens and fluffed pillows so that you can sleep well. 

13. Travel Adapters

If you are traveling farther than within your own country, plugs start to change. Keeping your items at full battery is much more difficult. Hotels with many tourists as guests offer free travel adapters to allow you to plug in any type of charger without hassle or worry. 

14. Sewing Kit

Accidents happen during traveling and clothes sometimes end up torn or ripped. Hotels anticipate these mishaps and have sewing kits on hand. They’re perfect for quick repairs to your items. 

15. Body Pillow

Asking for more pillows is one thing, asking for a body pillow specifically is another. You can stack the extra pillows to create a makeshift body pillow, but it isn’t quite the same. Many hotels have a few on hand to help people who have sleep issues, health problems, or simply those who want one. 

16. Personal Care Items

In your room, there are already several personal care items on hand. Hand soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotions occupy your room already. However, hotels let you request more if needed and even sometimes have nicer quality items or other options available. 

17. Streaming Service Or Cable Access

After a long day, settling in to watch some TV shows or movies helps you relax and unwind. Most rooms are already provided with TVs for this purpose, but you may want to set up your favorite streaming service.

On the way to your room, ask if there is access to other streaming services. Many have options such as Netflix, Max, Hulu, and more if you ask for the login information. 

18. Local Travel Guides And Maps

Finding fun activities or restaurants to try can be difficult when you are in unfamiliar areas. Getting around an unknown area is even more challenging. 

Ask for any travel guides or maps the hotel may have on hand to help on your journey. Most workers at the hotel will also have personal recommendations if you ask. 

19. Laundry Bags

Depending on how long your stay is, dirty laundry quickly piles up. You don’t want to shove your dirty clothes back into the same bag as your clean ones, especially if you are doing more strenuous activities like a workout. 

Most rooms already have a laundry bag or two provided, but you can ask for more and they will be provided to you for free. This makes it easier to safely protect your clean clothes from your dirty ones. 

20. Outdoor Travel Items

Depending on your location, you may want to explore the great outdoors. However, you may not have planned for a quick hike or outdoor adventure. Most hotels have some small items on hand to help you on your outdoor journey. 

These include things like bug sprays, sunscreen, tanning lotions, healthy snacks, and more to make your trip as comfortable as possible. 

21. Kid Friendly Options

Traveling with kids and keeping them happy is often exhausting or even impossible. They get bored, want treats or goodies, and would rather be at home. Hotels expect this and want to make the stay as easy for you and for your kids as possible. 

There are a few free options that hotels offer to accommodate kids. This includes free snacks that appeal to kids such as candies and cookies. They also sometimes have games and coloring books that will keep your child entertained during your stay. 

22. A Quieter Room

Hotel rooms are often close to many different noisy areas. The ice box rattling in the night, people going to and from a pool or gym, the noises of the lobby, and more are all things you want to avoid to maintain a quiet stay. 

When you reserve your room, both third-party and direct booking websites often offer a quieter room option to select. If they do not, contact the front desk of the hotel and request it after booking. 


Which Hotels Give The Most Free Upgrades?

Many hotels have rewards programs that allow you to get even more special requests and amenities for free. The rewards vary depending on the hotel. For a guide on these programs, check out our article on the 9 best hotel loyalty programs with the most benefits

Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Special Requests I Can Make At A Hotel?

In general, there are no limits to the amount of special requests you can make at a hotel. Hotels want to make their guests as happy as possible so that you will leave good reviews, recommend them to others, and stay with them again. 

How Much Do Hotels Charge If You Take Something?

Depending on what you take, hotels can charge quite a lot for a missing or taken item, even if by accident. They can charge the card on file automatically, so if you notice you have taken something you shouldn’t have, return it quickly. 

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