In a surprising development amid his ongoing campaign against “fake news,” former President Donald Trump has asserted that an unflattering photograph of him playing golf was digitally manipulated using artificial intelligence (AI).

Trump disputes unflattering golf pic, claims AI tampering!
The photo in question. Credit: Truthsocial

The Controversy Unfolds

Just before a judge in a civil fraud case ruled that Mr. Trump owes $350 million, he took to social media to share four images of himself on the golf course. Each photo depicted him donning a white polo shirt and his iconic red “Make America Great Again” cap.

“The Fake News used Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to create the picture on the top left,” he stated, specifically referencing a photo in which his mid-swing posture appeared less than flattering.

Addressing the Issue

Mr. Trump went on to assert, “These are despicable people, but everyone knows that. The other pictures are me hitting golf balls today to show the difference. Sadly, in our Country, Fake News is all you get!”

Fact-Checking and Clarifications

While it was confirmed that the image was not the result of AI manipulation, it does not appear to be an authentic photograph of Mr. Trump, as per a fact-check by Snopes.

“This image is not a legitimate photograph of him,” the website clarified. “It was created by digitally inserting a picture of Donald Trump’s face onto an image of professional golfer and Trump supporter John Daly.”

Recent Scrutiny and Speculation

Concerns about Mr. Trump’s health, particularly in light of his well-known fondness for McDonald’s, have surfaced following his legal entanglements in Atlanta and New York City.

In August 2023, after being indicted in the Georgia election interference case, Mr. Trump’s weight was recorded as 215 pounds, a significant decrease from his reported weight to New York officers in April.

During his bout with Covid in 2020, the White House physician documented Mr. Trump’s weight at 244 pounds.

Current Health Status

As the president’s health and age draw newfound attention in the context of his renewed presidential bid, his doctor stated in November, “President Trump has reduced his weight through an improved diet and continued daily physical activity, while maintaining a rigorous schedule.”

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