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The onset of March has brought about an unexpected air of spring and the commencement of the golfing season. Last year, the Northland was blanketed in snow during March, but this year, the landscape resembles that of spring. The Big Lake Golf Resort in Cloquet welcomed golf enthusiasts earlier than usual this Friday, courtesy of the remarkably warm winter.

Enthusiastic Golfers Embrace Early Opening Golfers from various locales eagerly seized the opportunity to partake in the opening, with Robert Kesner being among the first in line. Kesner expressed his eagerness, stating, “Once I found out I could golf in March, I was like ‘let’s go,'” as he spent the day enjoying the sport with his son.

Unprecedented Early Opening Bill Jaskari, the proprietor of Big Lake Golf Resort, highlighted that this marks the earliest opening of their golf course. He mentioned, “Well, I had lots of people asking if we were gonna open. That’s what got me thinking about it and I saw Paul Brown on the morning news talking about it this week if there were any golf courses open.” Jaskari further elaborated, “So, I talked to my partners, and we didn’t decide until Wednesday night, yep let’s do it.” He recalled that last year, they were unable to open the course until the first week of May.

Future Plans and Weather Considerations Jaskari indicated that, for the time being, the resort will only be open on weekends, with a cautious eye on the weather for potential course adjustments. He affirmed, “Well, we’ll just let Mother Nature take its course. Let it melt and if it’s good enough to golf we’ll get back out there and golf.”

Anticipated Expansion of Operating Hours Looking ahead, Jaskari expressed hope that the resort would transition to a seven-day operating schedule in early May.

The unexpected warmth this year has provided a welcome diversion for Kesner, who remarked, “It’s kind of different. You find something to do. Instead of worrying about it.”

In conclusion, the early opening of the Cloquet golf resort serves as a testament to the unusual weather conditions and the enthusiasm of golfers eager to make the most of the unseasonable warmth.

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