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Lets face it – bucks is not something that everyone have, but travel is different story. Everyone loves to travel. Your family, your kids will love go to different countries, different cities and experience different vibes. So how to travel with family without breaking your bank account? Let us help you.

Singapore recently become on of the top most visit country from tourist overseas, thanks to their very clean organized city, lots of tourist destinations and flexibility over Covid policy. In this article, we will give you TIPS to save some bucks while you enjoy the experience of Singapore with your family. All of these TIPS came from our experience, so you can count on it.

TIPS 01 – Walk, Bus, and MRT

Credit: CeritaTiga

If you want to save some bucks, start with use your leg to the max with public transport as a helper. Singapore is one of the best country related with public transport, everything was easy, clear straightforward, in English and cashless. Even if this is your first trip to Singapore, by doing some small research you will be champ in no time. MRT basically is your best friend in terms of transport, it will bring you everywhere, from one side to another side of Singapore island. Even better, their MRT system is very friendly over wheel chair or stroller.

Unless you have some health issue, or with people that really need extra care, taxi or something similar like GRAB etc should be avoided,.

TIPS 02Hawker, Food Court, and Avoid UpSell

Credit: CeritaTiga

Tasty seafood, Hainan chicken rice, or pork soup are the famous dish in Singapore. Almost every tourist want to taste it. But taste in the wrong place will cost you an arm and a leg. One famous story couple years ago, a tourist got his eye on some seafood restaurant near Singapore river, he brought his family in and have feast since there were lots of discount in the banner. When the bill came, he knew he got screwed, couple hundred dollars waiting on his lap.

On the other side, Singapore have Hawker Center, its the same with food court but usually comes with open air. There are so many hawker centers around Singapore, and it may surprise you that some of the stall have Michelin Star – yes you are right, the things that Gordon Ramsay have. They have so many options to choose on, the price relatively cheaper and the taste is great. Want to be a bit fancy for family dinner? Our suggestion is go to Mall Food Court.

Our tips related with food is always to try to avoid fancy places, places that have many gimmick -like free beer etc, and places that do not show exactly the price of food which give them chance to rip you off. Always find a place that show exact price and order it as stated, no more, no side dish, no additional!

Based on our experience, many of the shops will try their best for UpSell and it will cost you. For example 1 set of Chicken Hainan Rice will cost you about $8 at mall’s food court, but they will try to offer you additional vegetable and 1 boiled egg, the bill? Thanks for your “help”, you need to pay $14 in total.


When you travel for a couple days, or weeks with family member, it’s very likely you will need to buy groceries like water, diaper, baby stuff, or many other. Luckily in Singapore they have many big supermarkets with reasonable price like Fair Price, Mustafa, or Valu$ which you can visit and buy groceries in bulk. And the best part is they usually also sell some snack with cheaper price or big discount since they will be expired in next couple months – but you shouldn’t worry right, the snack will be finished before the day you reach airport.

Of course you can always buy from nearest convenience store, but the price will be different. Maybe its not a big deal if you are only with a few family members, but if you bring many then you need to consider it.


Credit: CeritaTiga

Singapore have many unique drinks and snacks which is tempting to be bought. Watching many people bought it and share on social media how delicious they are can be strong reason for you to get into queue and buy it. But wait, one special tea will cost you about $8, other special full of sugary drink will cost you even more, for snack – get ready to spend more then $10. The taste? Well it depends on which country you came from, but if you are from South East Asia countries, trust me the taste is not that much different from the one you have in home.

So our tips, think twice before you buy it, or if you cant resist the temptation then buy the famous or top selling one and share it with your family member.


Credit: CeritaTiga

If you travel with toddler or kids, going mall to mall or to some tourist destination may not so interesting for them. Like us, when we were kids what we want is play, play and play. There are many indoor playgrounds in Singapore, they also have Universal Studio, some zoo and many more, BUT it comes with a cost. Another cheaper, almost no cost option is go to an outdoor playground.

Singapore have many parks with outdoor playground, and they came with zero cost, no entry fee, ALL FREE. Not only you can enjoy the park with your family, which usually very clean and well maintained , your kids can have fun with tons of things like slider, seasaw, swing and many more. The best part is every park have different theme of playground which is on another level.

If you have limited time, try to visit Admiralty Park or Jubilee Park/Fort Canning and you will be covered and your kids will came home with happy face…and lots of sweat.


Last tips is more general like your other travel story. Buy flight and hotel from your best travel agent or via online provider. For our case, we found that we got cheaper price for hotel if we bought from travel agent compare to online one. If you’re traveling with kids, be sure to check regulation about bringing a travel car seat with you.

Try to avoid high season like Christmas, new year, lunar new year, or during kids school holiday season (june / december) since usually they will increase the price for tourist destination.

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